Don't just take our word for it! Discover on your own how The Beast MTB Bag is a game-changer. Our number top priorities are the utility, performance, and comfort of riders.

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The Top Compartment

The top compartment of THE BEAST MTB Bag straps to the top tube and seat post to make sure it doesn't move an inch! The most popular use for the top compartment is for a spare tube, but can also fit a water bottle, towel, windbreaker, and tools.


Four Side Pockets

With two larger pockets in the front and two smaller pockets in the back, we have managed to eliminate the bulkiness of bike storage while allowing for maximum storage of the essential items. Inside each pocket, you will find additional mesh pockets to keep track of smaller items.


Secure While Riding

For your wallet, snacks, or tools. Our number one priority for this section is to make sure nothing moves and gets in the way of your legs. After filling the pockets you will be able to strap the pockets together around the top tube on both ends. Additionally, the bag is secured to the seat post and buckled tightly to the top tube.




Super happy with my bag. Had more room than I expected and the non-slip fabric worked much better than I expected. Would love to see a smaller version at some point, so I don’t bring stuff just to fill out the bag. But with that being said, I have no complaints!


Only gotten to ride with it once so far, but it did a great job in the rain and mud. None of my gear got wet or muddy. Took me a second to figure out how to strap it around the frame, but once I got it, it was blindingly obvious to me. Definitely recommend it.


I’m not a mountain biker but it has worked great on my Tarmac SL6. But I was expecting access to all five pockets while riding only to find out I can only access the top one. A little disappointed, but the bag fits everything I bring so I’ll keep it and just reorganize the pockets.

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