12 Month Product Warranty

12 Month Product Warranty


12 Month Product Limited Warranty


By purchasing this 12 Month Product Warranty, you will have an additional 12 months on top of the 14 day return window. If your product has any manufacturing defect (such as broken hardware, straps, velcro, zippers, etc) your product can be returned and replaced with no cost to you.


Please read this carefully to understand what the warranty covers.


Warranty Coverage:


  • Unusual wear & tear 

  • Product/Manufacturing defects

    • Ex: broken straps, buckles, zippers, etc.


This Warranty Does NOT Cover:


  • Any modifications to the product made by the owner

  • Normal product wear and tear


The warranty must be purchased no more than 14 days after your bag purchase for it to cover the product. Each additional warranty purchase is only valid for one item. If you purchased multiple bags a warranty must be purchased for each one, to ensure coverage for every item.


*Please note that product wear & tear is inevitable. Normal vs unusual wear & tear is ultimately decided by Bear Mountain Bags LLC.