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Essential Gear for Serious Mountain Biking

Heading out on the trail with your mountain bike takes a bit of preparation. The dangerous paths, unpredictable rocks, and outreaching trees can all create issues that you will want to be prepared for. In fact, according to Single Tracks, "Mountain bike trails often have sharp, steep climbs, while roads usually stick to milder, more consistent [paths]."

There's no doubt that mountain biking is one of the most strenuous yet thrilling sports out there! After all, pedaling up hills or mountainsides and experiencing nature can all be exhilarating. The last thing you want is for your fun mountain biking adventure to be interrupted by an unsolvable mishap.

To prevent this from happening, it's vital for you to put some forethought into what you pack. Thinking ahead will aid you in preventing any trip-ending problems that could arise while you're on the trail. You wouldn't want to get stuck with a broken bike or an unexpected wound without the ability to fix the situation, would you?

Check out our overview of what you should consider bringing or wearing on your next mountain bike trip!

The Perfect Mountain Bike Bag

The Beast MTB Bag, created by Bear Mountain Bags, is regarded as one of the market's best universal mountain bike bags. Weighing less than most other on-bike storage bags, the Beast MTB Bag is also made of durable no-slip fabrics and curved side release buckles that reduce frame rub.

In addition, the Beast MTB Bag was designed to strap onto the top tube of your bike where it won't be in your way or putting additional weight on your handlebars. With five pockets, this mountain bike bag has all the room needed to hold your essentials.

Complete Bike Repair Kit

When it comes to a bike repair kit, the list of potential items you could collect and pack is endless. In reality, it probably is not possible for you to pack every single thing to address all possible issues that could arise on a mountain biking trip.

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