Climbing Up the Hill

About Us

Santa Cruz Locals - Why We Started Bear Mountain Bags

We founded Bear Mountain Bags with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, reliable, and effective top tube mountain bike bag. We are from Santa Cruz, California and grew up in the mountains. We have a passion for riding mountain bikes and being outdoors. COVID 19 had an impact on us like it did for everyone else. During this time, we began to look at our gear and noticed that there was too much in our pockets for shorter rides. We didn't need a full on backpack, fanny packs, etc. so we just strapped our spare tubes to a frame and stuffed our pockets. After looking around on Amazon, we realized mountain bikers were being forgotten about when it came to on-bike storage. This is why we created Bear Mountain Bags. It's helped us and it will help you!



The bag that allows you to take all of your gear off your back and onto your bike!